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An article about green energy and Louisiana: How Green Is Louisiana?

The 2012 LSES Annual Report is now available for viewing online.  The report outlines finances, events, membership, and other aspects of LSES.

NEW! Impact Study of Louisiana Solar Tax Credit Prepared by: Cameron Walker and Danielle LaRock.  Edited by: Emily McCalla

50% Solar State Tax Credit Passed-(7/07) Net Metering Rules – FINALIZED (11/05) Solar incentives in Louisiana? YES!

NET METERING PASSED House Bill 789 passed (6/23/3) Energy Savings Tips

Programs that will help pay for making your home more energy efficient-HELP and HERO *For other financial assistant you can always go toThe Department of Revenue (State) or the Department of Energy (Federal). Go here for a free solar estimator!

Check out Colorado Solar’s Why Solar section to get a better understanding of solar energy in general.

Home Power Magazine

American Solar Energy Society

LA DNR – Energy Section


Solar Energy Industries Associations

Alliance for Affordable Energy

Environmental Directory

Low Impact Living

Make it Right NOLA

Energy Efficient Mortgages

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