Wondering where to begin?

Follow these simple steps below:

1.  If you are living in Louisiana, join the Louisiana Solar Energy Society. Let’s team up and go solar together!  Fill out the application and send it today.  Make history and be a charter member.

2.  Decide what you want to run on solar power and make a list.  You might want to prioritize your list.  Include the wattage of these (usually found on the device).  It’s easy to do. See this example.

3.  Decide your goals. Pick from the list below:  (There are also some examples of people meeting their goals)

A. Independence / Self-reliance – take a look at independence!

B. Environmental reasonsSt Margaret Catholic School!

C. Lower electric bills – it really works!

D. Avoiding power outages – here’s how I keep the lights on!

(If you picked one or more, you need solar power!)

4.  Decide your budget. How much does solar cost?Remember that your system can start small and grow to accommodate your needs.  Don’t procrastinate.  Start today!