After you have joined the LSES, listed your loads, determined your budget, and decided your goals,  you’re ready for the next step–find a dealer and get going!

How to find a qualified dealer:

A.  The easiest way is to select a dealer.  Use LA Solar Pros.

B.  Check out the dealer’s website.  Do they have photos of their installments; are they stock photos or actual pictures?  You can tell a lot from a website.

C.  Go see an installation.  If you can’t make the trip, pictures are OK.

D.  Verify that the installer is experienced.  See how long the dealer has been in business.

E.  Make sure the dealer has a Louisiana Solar Contractor license.  Go to Louisiana Solar Contractor license, click on Search by Type of Contractor, then click on Commercial, and scroll down till you find Specialty: Solar Energy Equipment.  That should take you to all the licensed contractors in the state.  If your dealer does not have this license, you can not get the tax credit for the installation!

F.  Browse the dealers website, see if they have a “certificate of training” through an industry training entity or tech college. if they don’t call and ask.  As mentioned in the final rules for the state tax credit, “All installations must be performed by a contractor duly licensed by and in good standing with the Louisiana Contractors Licensing Board with a classification of Solar Energy Equipment and a certificate of training in the design and installation of solar energy systems from an industry recognized training entity, or a Louisiana technical college, or the owner of the residence (Final Rules for the State Tax Credit, page 2, E. Eligibility of Certain Costs for Tax Credit, 1.a)

G.  Make sure the dealer has a legitimate business.  Enter the business name on this website Louisiana Corporation Database, to make sure they are listed.  Some dealers have a license to install, but don’t have a business.

H. When you do decide to call a dealer and get started carefully read over the contract.  If the dealer asks for all the money up front instead of half now, half later, be suspect!

I.  Finally, check the location of the dealer.  Where is their business located?  Make sure they aren’t working our of their car, but have a legitimate office.

Why get a dealer?

A dealer can help you with all phases of going solar including selection, sales, installation, warranty, and service.  A dealer can also help you with the sale of used equipment if you decide to upgrade in the future.  A dealer should be able to get you good prices on your equipment.

What if I don’t want a dealer?

If you are a do-it-your-selfer you can go the mail-order route.  If you know what you need and just want to do the installation yourself, contact 4LOTS. They are located in Jefferson, Louisiana!

Intentions are good, but sometimes people buy the equipment, but for one reason or another, never hook it up. It could be because one of the following reasons:

a. procrastination- the main reason things don’t get done

b. A question on how something works

c. A mounting dilemma or lack of mounting hardware

d. Fear or permanently modifying the home

e. Fear of connecting to the A/C power in the home

(If you picked one or more of these you may need dealer help) Which is okay! (and normal)

Whatever the reason for purchasing but not installing, it can usually be easily solved.  Email us for help, and don’t put off the benefits of solar another day!