Answer:  Solar costs about as much as a car. Period.
You can buy parts of a car for $200 or a new luxury model for $40,000

Lets see what you need….

1. The basic DC system that will run DC lights and appliances (like boats or campers have) can start at $200. All you need is a solar module and a 12 volt battery. This is a good way to start, and this is all many cabins and camps need.

If you want to upgrade, all you add is an inverter. This will convert the DC in the battery to AC which can run standard household appliances like TV, radio, and lights. These are priced by how many watts they will run. They start under $100 and can be purchased at many locations. You might like to buy one larger than you need today to handle future items.

2. For a larger “small system” be prepared to spend more money. You will need multiple solar modules. Four large modules will cost around $3,600.  A 1500 watt inverter will cost around $1,000. You will need additional items to complete this system like wire, mounts, and meters. This is called “balance of system.”

3. Big systems are big buck costs upfront. A 1000 watt grid-tie system will cost around $10,000. A 3000 watt grid-tie system will cost around $25,000. These systems will produce power for decades, raise your home’s value, and not raise your property taxes (they are exempt). Remember that your system can start small and grow to accommodate your needs  or  as your financial assets grow.

Use the Solar Estimator to determine the size system to fit your needs.