Solar Air Conditioning


UPDATE (7/15/14)
Solar A/C remains an experimental technology.  The first round of scams occurred after implementation of the tax credit in 2008 when companies installed regular, high efficiency A/C units, a few solar panels, and micro-inverters.  Consumers only paid about $5,000 after receiving the tax credit, while the companies ripped off the state by overstating the price of the system.  The next round of scams involved a solar-thermal approach that “integrated” a solar thermal collector into the Freon lines on a typical high efficiency A/C unit.  Once again, the companies overstated the price of the system.
In June 2014, the LDR clarified that only the solar modules and inverters or the solar thermal collector and tubing qualify for the 50% tax credit; thus, consumers do not receive 50% off the price of the total system as before.


UPDATE (1/10/14) 

The Louisiana Department of Revenue has cleared up information for the Solar air conditioning systems.  You CANNOT receive a tax credit for a solar air conditioning system.  You can review their bulletin here.

WARNING (2/27/12)

Beware of some air-conditioning companies claiming you can get a 50% tax credit on your air-conditioning system if they install some solar modules with it.  A brand of air-conditioners offer a “solar” option which is nothing more than a small offset of the energy usage of the unit.  You will not get the Louisiana tax credit on your air-conditioning system and they will probably be arrested for fraud if they are caught including the air-conditioner as part of the solar power system!