The LSES Position on Topics in the Solar World

On this page the staff will post the official LSES position on controversial and hot topics in the solar world.  Notify if you think of any other relevant topics.

Tax Credit Scam:  

The official Louisiana Department of Revenue solar tax credit rules have stated since their conception in 2008 that you may not take a tax credit on any inducements to purchase that you were given.  The original example given by LDR was vacations, cruises, merchandise, or anything of value.

Recently, some solar companies have been offering $5000 back on a $25000 system so that the system ends up being free.  The customer doesn’t realize that only $20000 of the purchase price is considered for the 50% tax credit, so the credit is $10000 as opposed to the full $12,500 received for a $25,000 system.  If the customer does not claim the correct amount they can be charged with TAX FRAUD.  The Attorney Generals office is aware of the companies selling systems like this.

LSES would like to encourage potential solar homeowners to choose your installer carefully.  Check out our Partners tab to learn about our LSES Solar Pros, a group of installers that have met a list of requirements assuring their reputable work.

Net Metering: LSES asserts that several utilities are violating the federal Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA) and requests that the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) require these utilities to compensate residential and commercial solar systems that are not subject to a Net Metering Agreement.

Solar Air Conditioning: Solar A/C remains a hot topic in Louisiana; however, don’t let the Louisiana heat entice you to impulsively invest in this technology just yet.