Be a Voice for SolarStrichmännchen, Megaphon Information

-Contact your legislators and local media outlets to show your support for solar (LA House of Representatives and the LA State Senate).  We suggest that you direct their attention to LSES webpage.

-Join in our calls to action when an issue of particular importance arises.  Please subscribe to the LSES monthly newsletter or e-mail  if you are willing to stand up for solar with us.

-Become a member, donate to LSES, and participate in events


Stay informedstack of books

-The Advanced Energy Legislation Tracker allows the user to get an idea of what is happening in terms of energy legislation in the entire nation.

-To find a bill in Louisiana, one can also simply check the state legislature’s website.  If you are unfamiliar with the specifics of a bill, searching via the bill summary or bill text allows the user to input a keyword (e.g. “solar”).