The Louisiana Department of Revenue and Solar

The Louisiana Department of Revenue’s relationship to solar is the development of the rules covering the solar tax credit.  Note that the solar tax credit started 01/01/2008, and it is set to expire 12/31/2017.

Solar Tax Credits (Limited to one $25k system only)

  • For the most recent tax credit information for solar energy systems on residential property, click here.
  • For a timeline of events regarding the changes to solar tax credits, please view LDR Tax Credit Changes Timeline.
  • For a chart that breaks down the changes to solar tax creditsclick here (11/4/13)

Sales Taxes for Solar Leasing Companies

  • The Louisiana Department of Revenue has begun the process of defining and enforcing sales taxes for solar leasing companies.  View their update (6/28/13): LDR Sales Taxes for Leased Systems

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