Bumper Stickers

LSES subsists solely on membership fees, revenue from fundraising events, and of course donations.  Please consider buying an official LSES bumper sticker to support our efforts to promote solar in Louisiana!  Bumper stickers can be purchased via PayPal below or in-person at the next LSES event.  If you have a preference as to which bumper sticker you receive, please e-mail rebecca@lses.org (see images of all three options below).

Thank you in advance for your help promoting LSES.

Bumper Sticker $5:

  • They are $5 each ($2 for the sticker, plus $3 shipping).  For quantity discount email at info@lses.org.

    1. LSES modern bumper sticker

    2. LSES old bumper sticker

    3. I'm for solar bumper sticker