Professional & Financial Supporters of LSES

Sponsorship is available to anyone who is wishing to donate to LSES. The levels of sponsorships range from $1 donations to $3500 donations to receive platinum status. Donate here to become a sponsor today.


Platinum $3,500+


Gold $2,000+

Donate Today!

Silver $1,000+


Donate Today!

Contributors $100

JEH SolarSolar Reviews Dodson, Hooks, and Frederick




  Rebirth Capital
Farbes Electric Solar Solutions LLC
Central Solar LLCTeresa ShouDwayne Yeager
WSNbanner  Solar Energy Supply

2 Responses to “Sponsors

  • Nice sponsors. Better league. Keep it up!

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  • I had donated 100 dollars and am awaiting my BBB membership to be a solar pro. I sent you my logo but was wondering when you will put me on your web sight?

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