Press Releases

1/10/2014  The Louisiana Solar Energy Society’s Position on Proposed Net Metering Changes is clearly defined in this document.

6/27/13 10 Year Anniversary of Net Metering Celebrated with Its Preservation discusses the final decision of the Public Service Commission regarding net metering in Louisiana.

5/31/13 Wisdom Wins in the Senate- So Does Solar covers positive progress concerning current legislative events.

5/29/13 Solar Leasing Companies Playing With Fire reports on the activity of solar leasing companies within Louisiana.

5/25/13: Solar Wars at the State Capital was released to our members to cover major legislative events concerning solar tax credits and solar leasing.

4/2/13: The Louisiana Solar Battleground was released to the top 10 newspapers in the state. It details the ongoing clash between solar advocates and utility companies over the value of net metering.