LPSC Net Metering Updates

  • Update 3/20/2014:  One of few good things that came out of the last LPSC meeting was an agreement to do a cost benefit analysis of solar in Louisiana.  The request for proposal of the analysis has been issued.  LSES board members have contacted trusted, experienced companies that have performed analyses like this for other states.  Our goal is to have the most valid and unbiased results possible.   View the request for proposal here.
  • Update 3/14/2014:  The LA Public Service Commission held a meeting on March 12, 2014.   For an update on what happened please read board member Jeff Shaw’s comments.  LPSC March 2014
  • Update 10/31/2013:  Here are some recent thoughts and figures from our Board of Directors regarding net metering. Net Metering update
  • Update 7/9/2013: LSES Director Jeff Shaw prepares comments on the current utility cap policy. View these comments: LPSC Cap Evaluation.
  • Update 7/1/2013: During the June LPSC meeting a decision on net metering was made resulting in no changes to the current net metering policy.
  • Update 5/1/2013: At the April LPSC meeting the decision on net metering was deferred to the May 21st meeting after both parties from both sides presented their arguments. The good news is we know that Commissioner Foster Campbell is on our side. Read his press release Clouds Form-PSC and Legislature Debate Solar Power.
  • Update 3/27/2013: The Louisiana Public Service Commission issued a follow up request for comments from interested and intervening parties on March 14, 2013 for docket R-31417. The LPSC asked for comments regarding their proposed adjustment to the utility’s average avoided costs rate at which net metering customers be compensated for excess generated power. The full LPSC request is posted on their website. LSES Director Jeff Shaw and Solar Pro members One Planet Solar and Optimize Solar are two of the responding parties.
  • 2/13/2013: All interested and intervening parties to the net metering docket were posted on the LPSC website. LSES Board Members Matthew Newman and Jim Landry reviewed these documents and discovered data discrepancies among various utility companies, each of whom fall under ALEC Cooperatives. Board Member Landry attempted to contact these companies. View these data discrepancies provided by Louisiana Utilities to the LPSC and their responses here.
  • 1/18/2013,  we were informed by the LPSC staff that net metering has been pulled from the January Business and Executive meeting in order to allow more time to review submitted comments. LSES will be attending the meeting at which net metering is to be discussed.
  • The LPSC just issued a request for specific comments due 1/29/13 – YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!     Please read the attachment and pay attention to page 2.  LSES is requesting your immediate help in responding to #3 (cost benefit analysis) with the emphasis on solar benefits.  We will compile and issue before the deadline.  Your deadline to submit to Kendra is 1/25/13 but earlier is better!  kendra@lses.org  R-31417-read here
  • Solar Industry News – Net Metering saves California utilities $92,000,000 Solar Industry News
  • Look at this Net Metering cost benefit study (full NEW report) done for California! Read Here
  • NEW Fact sheet for Net Metering in California - Read Here
  • Cost effectiveness of Net Metering in California - Read Here
  • (These three reports should give you plenty of information to show why the LPSC should leave our Net Metering alone!  Now convince the LPSC.)
  • 12/12/2012:
  • The LPSC postponed the vote on the drastic changes to net metering during the monthly meeting. READ HERE
  • Your help is needed now.  Call your Commissioner (especially if your commissioner is Holloway) and ask that the LPSC order a comprehensive cost AND BENEFIT analysis study conducted by a qualified professional that has conducted several of these for other states.  When including the BENEFITS of solar which include carbon credits, cleaner air, high-tech jobs, price stability, fuel diversity, etc.      
  • 11/16/2012: Commissioner Holloway changed his proposed fee to $25 after stating $50 in the earlier phase of the process. The commission has not met recently and will not make a final decision until the session starts in February (note – this was issued two weeks later on 11/30/12, not 2/2013).


  • On 9/18/2012 the Louisiana Public Service Commission requested comments on their proposed changes to net metering which include a monthly connection fee. The proposed $25/month fee probably came from smaller co-op utilities that feel “cheated” by solar net metered customers. Due to mostly misinformation they have pushed the LPSC to look into assessing a fee which  eliminates the cost savings reason for putting in solar. According to PV WATTS, the program required to be utilized for the tax credit, it would take a 6 kilowatt system ($30,000-$40,000) to generate $50/month (at today’s utility cost) which would BREAK EVEN and provide no savings!
  • (8/27/12) Additionally, LSES has released an article concerning the $50 net-metering fee proposed by the PSC.  Solar proponents need to be informed about this factually inaccurate proposal in order to fight this fee!  Here is a very concise summary of the article:

1. Per Clyde Holloway’s direction the Public Service Commission paid a consultant to study the costs of having a net metered customer who proposed a $50 per month fee for every net-metered solar customer.
2. ANY fee is unreasonable because it removes incentives for people to invest in solar.  Money saved through solar would be eradicated by the net-metering fee.
3. The Louisiana Solar Energy Society, solar installers, solar manufacturers, other solar non-profits,and all other solar proponents are strongly against ANY net-metering fee.