LDR Changes to Solar Tax Credits

ATTACK#2.  LDR Changes to Solar Tax Credits (Limit one $25k system only)

  • On November 22, 2013, LSES submitted a compilation of comments from its members to the Louisiana Department of Revenue regarding the new tax credit rules.  Click here to see what we had to say and why it’s important.
  • 11/13/2013: Here is a chart that breaks down the changes in the new tax credit rules.
  • 10/31/12:  Here are the new rules regarding tax credits that have been proposed by the LA Department of Revenue.  Comments on these rules are due by November 22nd.
  • 1/20/2013: The new rules for solar tax credits are effective as of January 20, 2013. All systems installed prior to January 20, 2013 will fall under the old tax credit rules. The new rules can be found starting on page 99 at http://www.doa.louisiana.gov/osr/reg/1301/1301.pdf
  • 1/7/2013: An email today from Shannon Thomas of LDR confirmed today that the LDR changes WILL take effect on 1/20/2013.  All comments were ignored from all interested parties and they decided to let all changes stand as proposed.  This means one system per residence but allowing multi-family installations with one system per residence.
  • 11/16/2012: At a recent tax reform commission, the two sides made their cases but the commission will not take further action until the legislative session starts in 2013.
    • On 9/27/2012 the Louisiana Department of Revenue held a hearing on the proposed changes to wind and solar tax credits.  This hearing was to  to receive public comment on the department’s amendments to LAC 61:I. 1907.
    • NEW: The revenue study commission scheduled a hearing concerning this issue on October 22!  We will give more details as we receive them.
    • Read the proposed changes to the tax credit here.
    • Several of our LSES Solar Pros voiced their concern at this meeting, and all were strongly against the proposed changes.  Former State Senator Nick Gautreaux spoke last and eloquently summarized that any of the proposed changes to the solar tax credit would hurt the solar industry and the Louisiana economy as a whole.


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