Thank you to everyone that attended our 2011 Spring Solar Homes Tour. It was a great success! Our next tour is coming up in Spring 2012- stay tuned for any updates. Below is a look at what you may have missed…

The 2011 Spring Solar Homes Tour is Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15

( Date recently changed from May 7 and 8 )

How to Register: Deadline is May 13!

1.) First – make a small $5 donation below to LSES and receive the official LSES 2011 Spring Solar Homes Tour Guide. This guide provides an insider’s look, complete with pictures and details about each location. You will receive the guide through email within one day of making your donation. It will be sent to the email you list when making your donation.

2.) Next – inside the guide you will find further instructions on how to sign-up for the locations you wish to tour. This will include your name, number of people in your party, and which locations you wish to tour.You must have a working email to register and receive location addresses with a link to Google Maps.

  • Reminder: The tour is open on both days (Saturday and Sunday) and location hours range depending on the site. Please be aware of these dates and times, which are listed in the tour guide. Attendees will not be permitted on the tour if he or she shows up outside of these hours.

3.) Last day to register for the Tour Guide is Thursday, May 12 and last day to register for locations is Friday, May 13! For any questions or concerns, please contact State Coordinator Lisa Bordlee,



Please consider joining the LSES 2011 Fall Solar Homes Tour, which will be in October or November. Also, if you are a solar enthusiast and would like to spread the word about solar, please consider becoming a member of LSES!

*The tour date has recently been changed to May 14 and May 15. Some previously confirmed locations below may change. Keep checking this page for updates!

Confirmed Locations 


  • System: 7.2 kilowatt


7 Locations

  • 1.) System: 3,360 Watt Grid Tie with Battery Backup;  Trina Panels, Outback Inverter
  • 2.) System: 5.4 kilowatt Grid Tied Solar Awning; 24 Sanyo HIT Bifacial Modules 195-249 watts each; 1 SMA Sunny Boy 5000US; Tigo Energy Maximizer System
  • 3.) System: 3.185 kilowatt Grid Tied
  • 4.) System: 11.84 kilowatt Grid Tied; 64 Schuco Black on Black 185 watt module; 1 SMA Sunny boy 8000US; 1 SMA Sunny boy 3000US; Tigo Energy Maximizer System
  • 5.) System: 2.4 kW Grid-Tied with 14 panels and 4 batteries for backup
  • 6.) System: 1200 watt – Outback Power inverter grid tied with battery back-up; Tigo Maximizer System
  • 7.) System: 8.17 kW solar electric system; 38 215 W SunPower panels; 38 M210 Enphase Micro-Inverters; 2 inch sprayed polyurethane foam R-14 silicone reflective coated roof


  • System: (System 1) – Thirty – 198 watt modules on an Outback FlexWare 500 inverter system w/ 12 MK G31 AGM batteries; (System 2)-  Twenty – 230 watt modules on Enphase D380 micro inverters


  • System: Battery backup system with 18 Sharp 176 watt modules and 18 Sharp 198 watt modules, two outback GVFX3648 inverters, two FX60 Charge Controllers and 8 MK Group 31 batteries.


  • System: 6 kilowatt thin film solar electric PV system with  battery back up


  • System: 80 watt, 12 volt shop system; (2 x 6V batteries; 2 x 40W panels; 3000W inverter; Charge controller; DC disconnect)


  • System: Two solar panel units for  a 4 kilowatt pole mounted system; Produces 4000 watts of power an hour for an average of 33kwh per day an average of 750kwh per month


  • *GLOBAL GREEN USA- Build it Back Green/Holy Cross Project*
  • System: 5.3 kW system, 28 panels, 189 w per panel
  • The Global Green Holy Cross Project Visitor Center, located in the Lower Ninth Ward, also conducts its own tours. The tours include explanations of all the green materials and systems included in the home, such as reclaimed wood floors, Energy Star appliances, green roof,  solar power, geo-thermal, and more. More information about the Global Green Holy Cross Project can be found HERE.


  • System: 3.2 kilowatt PV system; 14 Solar World 230 watt panels; 14 Enphase Microinverters