Thank you to everyone that attended our 2010 Fall Solar Homes Tour. It was a great success! Our next tour is coming up in Spring 2012- stay tuned for any updates. Below is a look at what you may have missed…





1. New Orleans:

Holy Cross Project: Post-Katrina effort to rebuild homes with solar!

Tour one of these homes at 409 Andry Street to see how Louisiana’s solar community has helped.

Click here to view a map.  WILL ONLY HAVE TOUR HOURS FROM 10 am- 1pm!

System: 5.3 kW system, 28 panels, 189 w per panel


2. Baton Rouge: (5 Locations)

(1) System: 1.8 kW Outback system


(2) SystemBrand New! 20-panel 3.4 kW net metering PV, 2-panel thermal solar water heater, and 15-panel thermal solar pool heater.  Bonus feature: Also had 2 solar tube lights installed at initial construction.


(3) System: Solar Electric, 38 panels


(4) System: 4000 W PV System


(5) System: 4.68 kW net-metered PV System


3. Prairieville:

System: 3.2 kW PV system, 14 solarworld 230 w panels, 14 enphase microinverters


4. Lafayette (2 Locations):

(1) System: Brand new 4 kW PV system!


(2) System: 19Kw, (90) BP 215 watt panels, (3) SMA6000


5. Holden:

System: 6 watt PV  with battery back up,  solar thermal hot water heater (120 gal)


6. Metairie:

System: 3.6 kW solar electric (PV) system with battery backup, 50 gal passive solar water heater (SWH), 10 panel solar pool heater (SPH), 2 solar attic fans


7. Folsom:

System: Solar thermal system installed in office building


8. Slidell:

System: 10 kW PV system