2015 Solar Tour—the Best One Yet

By: Rebecca Chalin, State Coordinator

On October 10th, LSES hosted one of its favorite annual events—the Solar Tour.

While the tour has been fine-tuned over the last 15 years, the goal has always been the same—to bring the Louisiana community together to learn about solar power from each other. Every year, solar-powered places, both commercial and residential, are opened up to public so that they can see solar energy being harnessed, ask questions, and get to know others who share this special interest. This, of course, was accomplished this year as in years past.

However, veteran Solar Tour attendees agreed that this year’s tour was one of the best ones yet. If you happened to miss it, let me tell you why this year’s tour was better than ever:

  • Small, but mighty—This year’s Solar Tour included a modest five tour sites all in the Baton Rouge area. Though there have been more tour sites in the past, five seemed to be the magic number. No two systems were the same! This provided a nice variety of systems with everything from ground mounted arrays to solar thermal panels without getting boring or repetitive.
  • An assortment of good people—Along with a nice variety of solar energy systems, there was also a variety of nice people who attended the tour. The tour was open to everyone—people looking to buy their first system, people looking to expand their current system, and people interested in solar power—and all of the above attended this year’s tour. I can confidently say that everyone enjoyed learning about solar together and then enjoyed sharing a Tin Roof beer together at the final stop on the tour.
  •  People still care about solar—As most of us are well-aware, changes to the solar tax credit law have darkened the solar-sphere in Louisiana with uncertainty about the credit cap. Admittedly, this did pose somewhat of a challenge planning the tour. That being said, homeowners still graciously volunteered their houses for the tour, and tour-goers still arrived excited to learn about the many benefits of having a solar energy system.

All in all, I could not have hoped for a better Solar Tour. The way I see it, this event can only be matched by our next LSES event, so make sure you’re in the know by joining or renewing your membership to LSES.

Thank you so much to the homeowners who opened their homes for everyone to see their systems, to everyone who came out (on an LSU game day) to learn about solar power, to our sponsors Gulf South Solar and Tin Roof Brewing Company for making this tour possible, and to Jeff Shaw, LSES’s founder and director, for helping me put this event together.