Our Mission: The Louisiana Solar Energy Society (LSES) is a state-wide nonprofit and nonpartisan organization based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, dedicated to promoting and educating people about solar energy.

Who We Are: We are a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society and have been serving Louisiana since 1999. We educate solar enthusiasts and professionals  at our meetings in Baton Rouge, at workshops, with our newsletters, and through participation in conferences and workshops.

What We Do: LSES hosts meetings, solar tours, workshops, and fundraising activities.  We provide newsletters and participate in community events like Earth Day and Green Crawl. LSES also shares information about solar news and policy as well as solar power in general.

How You Can Help: Please consider becoming a supporter of LSES both financially and with your involvement in upcoming events.  LSES subsists solely on the donation of money, time, and resources from volunteers and members.  Check out the pages “Get Involved” and “Join/Donate” to see what you can do.

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